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Content From Johnny Blake

Stand Alone Talks: Jonny Blake to the West End service -

Johnny Blake |

ChristChurch London is one church, with one vision, meeting in four locations. In this standalone sermon, Jonny and Georgie Blake explore how that vision plays out in our West End service.

Encounters with Jesus: Mary and Judas - John 12:1-11

Johnny Blake |

A feast is held in Jesus’ honour, and Mary marks the occasion with a costly act of worship. In this talk, we reflect on the different responses of Mary and Judas, and consider how Jesus offers us a cause worth...

Joshua: Faithful God, Faithful People -

Johnny Blake |

As the story of Joshua draws towards its close, God teaches the people that their battles aren’t all over, there are still challenges ahead as they learn to live in the land of promise. This talk looks at the faithfulness...

Simplify: Simplify your Mind - 2 Corinthians 10

Johnny Blake |

Sometimes the clutter that exists in our lives is not simply in our diaries, or physical space, but in our minds. Doubts, fears and unhelpful thoughts can limit us and hold us back. In this talk, Johnny Blake will look at...

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